Kindle, take me away..

I have always liked to read, and sometimes i enjoy boring others to death with my book discussions. I love my books like i love my music, like I love my makeup. That might be wierd to throw in the same love basket, but there ya go. Also have a nice big family who keeps me super busy but understand when moms reading, leave her be. I am a lover of fiction, YA, dystopian, dragons and sorcerers, historical romance, books that make me smile, and pretty covers.

left wanting more and more and more....

Endless Knight  - Kresley Cole

what just happened?!? seriously?!? my mouth is hanging open..I'm in shock..I am still trying to wrap my brain around that mutha freaking ending!!!! I waited for this book for so long I am equally ecstatic over how great it was and depressed over how long it will be before I can have more. holy mess fantastic I cannot stop was suspenseful funny sexy real sexy a bit scary ugh just one of the best ive read this yr without a doubt.

Psychotically Awaiting Release.....

Endless Knight  - Kresley Cole


How to Date a Nerd  - Cassie Mae The Summer I Became a Nerd - Leah Rae Miller

Reading this one right now, like the last book I read from Cassie Mae, I'm laughing thru a lot of it, but theres just something I'm not feeling so far..maybe I'm just aggravated that Zo feels she needs to hide so much! If you like this one you will love The Summer I Became A Nerd